Unilateral definition, relating to, occurring on, or involving one side only: unilateral development; a unilateral approach. See more unilateral definition: 1. involving only one group or country: 2. involving only one group or country: 3. done. Learn more

Svensk översättning av 'unilateral' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online unilateral. Definition från Wiktionary, den fria ordlistan. Hoppa till navigering Hoppa till sök. Svenska Adjektiv . Böjningar av unilateral Positiv Attributivt Obestämd singular Utrum unilateral: Neutrum unilateralt: Bestämd singular Maskulinum - Alla unilaterala: Plural unilaterala Predikativt Singular.

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  1. Unilateral - Synonymer och betydelser till Unilateral. Vad betyder Unilateral samt exempel på hur Unilateral används
  2. u·ni·lat·er·al (yo͞o′nə-lăt′ər-əl) adj. 1. Of, on, relating to, involving, or affecting only one side: a unilateral advantage in defense (New Republic). 2. Performed or undertaken by only one side: unilateral disarmament. 3. Obligating only one of two or more parties, nations, or persons, as a contract or an agreement. 4. Emphasizing or.
  3. Unilateral definition is - done or undertaken by one person or party. How to use unilateral in a sentence. Did You Know
  4. Böjningar på unilateral: unilateral, unilateral, unilateralt, unilaterala, unilaterala Nu vet du vad unilateral betyder och innebär!. Vad betyder unilateral ?Betydelsen av unilateral dess innebörd kan variera! Du kan hitta ett annat ord för unilateral och andra betydelser av ordet unilateral samt läsa mer om unilateral på Wikipedia, Wiktionary eller Nationalencyklopedi
  5. Unilateralism (från latin: unus 'en' och latus 'sida') innebär ensidigt handlande. Unilateralism är en neologism som myntats som en antonym till multilateralism
  6. As a word, unilateralism is attested from 1926, specifically relating to unilateral disarmament. The current, broader meaning emerges in 1964. It stands in contrast with multilateralism, the pursuit of foreign policy goals alongside allies
  7. ine singular unilaterală, masculine plural unilaterali, fe

Not: Exempelmeningarna kommer i huvudsak från svenska dagstidningar, tidskrifter och romaner. Då minskar också sannolikheten att enskilda länder som Sverige hamnar i en svårhanterad bilateral konflikt med den vitryska regimen.; Den avgående ledaren sade till BBC på måndagen att han kanske inte kommer att skriva under ett bilateral säkerhetsavtal som USA vill ha om det inte ger. Unilateral definition: A unilateral decision or action is taken by only one of the groups, organizations , or... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Another word for unilateral. Find more ways to say unilateral, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus unilateral: /uni·lat·er·al/ ( -lat´er-al ) affecting only one side Engelsk översättning av 'unilateral' - svenskt-engelskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från svenska till engelska gratis online

Azerbaijan calls unilateral ceasefire against separatistArhinencephaly/holoprosencephaly - Congenital

'The unilateral defection of some localities altered the incentives of other localities.' 'We have to remember that it is the Government's unilateral process that holds up settlements.' 'In the present situation, unilateral gestures can also do their vital bit in making the climate conducive for talks. unilateral: adjective independent , lone , not recippocal, one-sided , single , singular , unaided Associated concepts: unilateral action, unilateral contract. Unilateral means one-sided. If parents make a unilateral decision to eliminate summer vacation, it means that the students' opinions or opposing views weren't considered unilateral contract. n. an agreement to pay in exchange for performance, if the potential performer chooses to act. A unilateral contract is distinguished from a bilateral contract, which is an exchange of one promise for another. Example of a unilateral contract: I will pay you $1,000 if you bring my car from Cleveland to San Francisco unilaterally: 1 adv in a unilateral manner; by means of one part or party they worked out an agreement unilaterally Synonyms: one-sidedly Antonyms: multilaterally in a multilateral manner;so as to affect many parties or government

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Unilateral synonym, annat ord för unilateral, Vad betyder ordet, förklaring, varianter, böjning, uttal av unilateral (adjektiv). Lös korsord, hitta ord med liknande eller samma betydelse. Sök bland 91000 ord och 39000 synonymer unilateral contract. n. an agreement to pay in exchange for performance, if the potential performer chooses to act. A unilateral contract is distinguished from a bilateral contract, which is an exchange of one promise for another Understanding Unilateral Contracts . Unilateral contracts specify an obligation from the offeror. In a unilateral contract, the offeror promises to pay for specified acts that can be open requests.

Unilateral Kick to the Head. Most powerlifters need some time away from heavy bilateral lifting throughout the year, so if you've never built up your single-leg strength, take 6 weeks to bring your unilateral competency up to par. Avoid the temptation of going too heavy at first Standardiserade anatomiska termer för rörelse beskriver hur musklernas kontraktion ändrar kroppsdelarnas position relativt den anatomiska grundställningen, då blicken är riktad framåt, armarna hänger längs med kroppen med handflatorna riktade framåt och fötterna är placerade så att de vidrör varandra.För de flesta rörelser finns en motsatt rörelse som återställer. BAKGRUND När en pojke/man (kromosomalt 46 XY, eller med ytterligare X-kromosomer) utvecklar bröstkörtelvävnad i sina bröst kallas detta för gynekomasti (från grekiskans gyne = kvinna och mastos = bröst). Galenos myntade termen på 200-talet. Lipomasti innebär endast ökad fettdeposition i brösten. ORSAKER TILL GYNEKOMASTIPatofysio till gynekomastin kan i de allra flesta fall.

unilateral (adj.) 1802, from Modern Latin unilateralis, from unum, neuter of unus one (from PIE root *oi-no-one, unique) + latus (genitive lateralis) the side, flank of humans or animals, lateral surface, a word of uncertain origin.Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) may have been the first to use it in the legal sense of made or entered into by one party Vid cerebral pares, som förkortas CP, påverkas rörelseförmågan. CP beror på att hjärnan har fått en skada någon gång innan två års ålder, antingen innan födseln, under förlossningen eller senare. Besvären som CP ger finns kvar hela livet. Behandling och träning kan lindra symtomen. De kan också lindras av att man växer och utvecklas Unilateral contracts are enforceable only when a person begins fulfilling the contract, which can be at any time. In the event there is a breach of contract, you will be required to produce proof and/or establish the following: There was an actual contract in place Most people chose this as the best definition of unilateral: The definition of unilate... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples Definition and synonyms of unilateral from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. This is the British English definition of unilateral.View American English definition of unilateral.. Change your default dictionary to American English

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Define unilateral neglect. unilateral neglect synonyms, unilateral neglect pronunciation, unilateral neglect translation, English dictionary definition of unilateral neglect. n a symptom of brain damage in which a person is unaware of one side of his or her body and of anything in the external world on the same side Collins.. Importance: Cochlear implants are a treatment option for individuals with severe, profound, or moderate sloping to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) who receive little or no benefit from hearing aids; however, cochlear implantation in adults is still not routine. Objective: To develop consensus statements regarding the use of unilateral cochlear implants in adults with.

A unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) is a formal process leading to the establishment of a new state by a subnational entity which declares itself independent and sovereign without a formal agreement with the state from which it is seceding.The term was first used when Rhodesia declared independence in 1965 from the United Kingdom (UK) without an agreement with the UK Translations in context of Unilateral in English-Arabic from Reverso Context: unilateral acts, unilateral act, unilateral coercive measures, unilateral measures, unilateral actio A unilateral Terson-like syndrome can result from severe cerebral edema following neonatal stroke in the setting of multiple congenital cerebrovascular abnormalities. [ Ophthalmic Surg Lasers. neglect [nĕ-glekt´] disregard of or failure to perform some task or function. unilateral neglect 1. hemiapraxia with failure to pay attention to bodily grooming and stimuli on one side but not on the other, usually due to a lesion in the central nervous system, as after a stroke. Called also selective inattention. 2. a nursing diagnosis accepted by.

Synonyms for unilateral in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for unilateral. 1 synonym for unilateral: one-sided. What are synonyms for unilateral The unilateral non-disclosure agreement is used when only one party is disclosing confidential information - for example, a company discloses marketing secrets to an ad agency, or a tech business discloses a new product to a software engineer. The term unilateral is meant to signify this is a one-way arrangement. If, however, both parties will provide confidential information to.

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Unilateralism definition is - a policy of taking unilateral action (as in international affairs) regardless of outside support or reciprocity; also : advocacy of such a policy Similarities between unilateral and mutual NDAs. Generally, differences in the way that unilateral and mutual NDAs are written are minor. To illustrate how close these two agreement types can be, we will look at examples of a unilateral and mutual agreement between the same partners to demonstrate [yo͞o΄nə lat′ər əl] adj. [ModL unilateralis: see UNI & LATERAL] 1. of, occurring on, or affecting one side only 2. involving or obligating one only of several persons or parties; done or undertaken by one only; not reciprocal [a unilateral The syndrome of idiopathic episodic unilateral mydriasis probably comprises a heterogeneous group of conditions that result in parasympathetic insufficiency of the iris sphincter in some patients, and sympathetic hyperactivity of the iris dilator in others. Patients with episodes similar in characte

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Visar 20 matchande rim . Bäst matchande rim för unilateral. bilatera Definition. Unilateral neglect is an attention disorder that arises as a result of injury to the cerebral cortex.Unilateral neglect is also commonly known as contralateral neglect, hemispatial neglect, visuospatial neglect, spatial neglect, or hemineglect . In unilateral neglect, patients fail to report, respond or orient to meaningful stimuli presented on the affected side unilateral (a.)單方面,單邊的,片面的. Enter chinese/english word(s), Taiwan address or math. expression The medial temporal lobe atrophy (MTA) score, also known as Scheltens' scale, is useful in distinguishing patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease from those without impairment 2 is helpful in the assessment of patients with possible dementia (see neurodegenerative MRI brain - an approach).. Classification. It is a visual score performed on MRI of the brain using coronal.

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