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Express mobility is also intended to encourage institutions to invite students from partner institutions to participate in their own courses and thus promote internationalisation at home. Express mobility grants are awarded according to the same guidelines, criteria and rules as regular student mobility grants, but with some exceptions (see below) International mobility Erasmus+ Staff Mobility . The Erasmus programme offers teachers and administrative staff funding for teaching or skills development abroad. It is also possible to invite teachers or staff from European universities as well as a number non-European universities for teaching or training at Uppsala University

Mobility support options. Real-time graduate student support for travel, project or. (whatever just apply). Reports. Travel reports by Real Time Graduate Students; Reports from international visit Unit for International Mobility mobility@uu.se. Visiting address: Segerstedthuset, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 7, Uppsala Courier address: von Kraemers allé 4, 752 37 Uppsala Post address: Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala Tel.: +46 18 471 00 00 (switchboard) Digital drop-in hours You can meet with the Unit for International Mobility for questions about Study Abroad at Uppsala University over Zoom.When you. Erasmus+ innehåller även ett program som heter International Credit Mobility (ICM). Genom ICM kan vi som universitet söka medel för att skriva utbytesavtal med specifika universitet utanför EU. Tack vare ICM kan alltså studenter få stipendium för både utbytesstudier och resor. Läs mer om International Credit Mobility utanför EU

Kontakta International Mobility Office. Mottagningstider: Måndag och torsdag 10-12, tisdag och onsdag 12.30-14.30 Adress: Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, ingång C E-post: outgoing@fek.uu.se Telefon: 018-471 1407 (EU/EES), 018-471 6801 (utanför EU H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Marie Sklodowska Curie Horizon 2020 . Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSC) projekt, under H2020 pelaren Excellent Science, särskiljer sig från andra H2020 projekt på flera sätt och den största skillnaden är att budgeten, och även kostnader, fastställs resp ersätts utifrån schablonbelopp (Unit-costs) istället för faktiska kostnader The Mobility Workbench. The Mobility Workbench (MWB) is a tool for manipulating and analyzing mobile concurrent systems described in the pi-calculus. The tool has been developed by Björn Victor, Faron Moller, Mads Dam, and Lars-Henrik Eriksson. MWB is written in Standard ML, and currently runs under the New Jersey SML compiler version 110

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  1. Electro mobility (or E-Mobility) is a fast growing field. The concept entails the use electric powertrain technologies, in-vehicle information, and communication technologies and connected infrastructures to enable the electric propulsion of vehicles and fleets
  2. E-post: outgoing@fek.uu.se Har du frågor om utbyte, hur du söker, vart du kan åka, när det passar bäst att åka eller har frågor om din fortsatta studiegång efter utbytet vänder du dig till Interntional Mobility Office. Studentservice vid Campus Gotland. E-post: studentservicecampusgotland@uadm.uu.se Campus Gotland Telefon: 0498-10820
  3. The BUP Mobility Grant Programme for Young Researchers 2020. This year we have the pleasure to announce two BUP Mobility Grants.The aim with the BUP Mobility Grant is to develop and strengthen the cooperation among young researchers in the Baltic Sea region
  4. Send your application to artes@docs.uu.se no later than May 15, 2001. The grant will be handled by your department. In case you not yet are an ARTES Real Time-graduate student you may apply to become one
  5. Real-time graduate student support Usually travel grants of 10 000 SEK to Real Time Graduate Students To report page
  6. Teacher mobility. Academic staff of any nationality employed at HEIs in the participating countries may be awarded a Nordplus grant for exchanges in another Nordic or Baltic country. The exchange can include teaching, tutoring, development of teaching materials, etc

5 Uppsala universitet Innovation (UU Innovation) 6 Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (SCAS) 7 Nationellt centrum för kvinnofrid (NCK) 10 - 16 Vetenskapsområdet för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap 11 Teologiska fakulteten 12 Juridiska fakulteten 13 Historisk-filosofiska fakulteten 14 Språkvetenskapliga fakultete Mobility Print lets you print from Chromebooks, iPads, iPhones, Macs, Windows, and Android devices in a cinch. It's compatible with every printer brand, too - and setting it up is simple for even the most novice user. Not bad for something that's 100% free


Elektricitetslära. Vid avdelningen för elektricitetslära studerar vi många olika aspekter av elektricitet: hur man kan omvandla förnybara energikällor som vind, vågor och strömmande vatten till användbar elektricitet, eldistribution och system för energilagring, diamantelektronik, plasmateknologi och blixturladdningar Kontakt: mobility@uu.se. Det finns fyra olika typer av utlandsstudier genom Internationella kansliet: 1. Utbytesstudier: Uppsala universitet har skrivit avtal med över 400 partneruniversitet där vi byter studenter med varandra för en eller två terminer. 2.. Sustainability at the UU; CO2 footprint; Plans for 2019. Sustainability in education & research; Connecting education, research and business operations; Future-proof buildings; Energy and emissions; Green campus; Mobility; Catering; Awareness of sustainability; After 2019; Reading guid 2020-01-21 Mobility as a Stratifying Factor in Housing. Uppsala universitet använder kakor (cookies) för att webbplatsen ska fungera bra för dig

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  1. 2020-02-12 International Mobility Office stängt 12/
  2. The Models for Mobility Mailing List (Moca) The Models for Mobility Mailing List was founded by Davide Sangiorgi.It was managed and moderated by him and Pascal Zimmer until in 2005 Michael Baldamus took over, assisted by Björn Victor.Michael has now moved away from mobility, so Björn is left in charge, assisted by Tjark Weber.. Moca is the mailing list for the pi-calculus and related topics
  3. Projektledare vid Avdelningen för internationalisering, Enheten för internationell mobilitet \nsara.laginder@uadm.uu.se\n018-471 1906, 072-9999008 \n \
  4. UU Mobile is the University's official app. Get it free in your app store by searching for 'union university', use your device's button below, or use the web app. Android Apple iOS mobile.uu.edu. Students, employees, parents, alumni and friends use the app to view public information about the University
  5. Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen. Daniel Normark was born in Asmara, Eritrea in 1974. He is a researcher at the Karolinska Institutet, Centre for Science & Technology studies, Uppsala University and affiliated with Gothenburg Research Institute (especially Centre for Consumer Science (CFK)) within the University of Gothenburg
  6. SIGGRAPH2000 . The SIGGRAPH2000 (Special Interest Group Graphics, ACM) conference was organized in New Orleans, 23 - 25 of July this year. SIGGRAPH is the worlds biggest computer graphics conference and exhibition with about 30.000 visitors each year

www.artes.uu.s Läsvärt är en tidning som riktar sig till forskare och övriga medarbetare på Uppsala universitet men som kan läsas med behållning av alla med intresse för hur forskning vid Uppsala universitet kommer till nytta i samhället. I tidningen kan du läsa intervjuer med forskare och artiklar om spännande samverkans- och innovationsprojekt. Här beskrivs även exempel på initiativ och stöd. As part of the Hamburg Open On-line University (HOOU) programme, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is leading a project in the context of which we will prepare and widely make available teaching modules focusing on Electro-Mobility E-post: mobility@uu.se Facebook: Utbytesstudier vid Uppsala universitet på Facebook. Skriv ut Vill du kontakta oss? Kontakta oss Personal på Campus Institutioner på Campus. Vi finns även på: Ska du besöka oss? Besöks- och leveransadress: Uppsala universitet - Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3, 621 57 VISBY 2019-10-22 International Mobility Office stängt 22/1

The Mobility Research Grant is open to PhD students and Postdoc scholars from all BUP Member Universities; The applications can be made for the mobility funding of new research projects (in whole or in part), or as a financial contribution to ongoing ones - as far as the applicant stay at another university in the Baltic Sea region during the mobility grant period Mobility Suppose you have a wireless data connection. How does this affect the network and transport layers? Ideally, our protocol stack architecture says that the upper layers aren't affected by the lower layers. Transport Layer It would be nice to think that the transport layer isn't impacted by the physical medium in use If you want to share some news in our newsfeed and to the BUP Weekly, send us an email at: info@balticuniv.uu.se. Latest BUP news. Book of Abstracts 2020-11-03 Winners of the BUP Mobility Grant 2020 2020-06-17 Liliia Hrytsai from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin,. EQUIMOB stands for Inclusive-Cities through Equitable access to Urban Mobility Infrastructures for India and Bangladesh. The project believes interdisciplinary collaborations and innovative approaches are necessary to reduce inequalities and make urban transport inclusive for the vulnerable population in India and Bangladesh Student. Här har vi samlat information som du som student vid Företagsekonomiska institutionen kan tänkas behöva. Information om vilka utbildningar vi ger hittar du på vår sida om kurser och program.. Covid-19: Information till studenter hösten 202

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  1. 2019-11-19 International Mobility Office stängt 19/1
  2. A service design approach is adapted and user studies are conducted to design mobility services. Finally an evaluation with key stakeholders is presented. A proposal of possibilities and problems for the service is also given to discuss how future business models for mobility services can be designed
  3. Visiting address Blåsenhus, von Kraemers Allé 1 . Postal address Department of Education, Box 2136, SE-750 02 Uppsala, Sweden . Telephone and Telefa
  4. 9 september, kl. 13.15 -15.00 Black Healers, Surgeons and 'Witches': Medicine, Mobility and Knowledge Exchange in Swedish St Barthélemy 1785-181
  5. Residential Mobility and Housing Policy: Continuity and Change in the Swedish Housing Regime 2019 Autonomy, Democracy and Solidarity: The Defining Principles of Collaborative Civil Society Housing and Some Mechanisms that May Challenge them 2019 Ockuperat!: Svenska husockupationer från 1968 till 2018 201
  6. Därefter gäller ordinarie öppettider. Måndag och torsdag 10-12 samt tisdag och onsdag 12:30-14:30. Studievägledningen grundnivå. Telefon: 018- 471 811
  7. Mobility, Sitting Posture and Reaching Movements in Children with Myelomeningocele Norrlin, Simone, 1946- (author) Uppsala universitet, Institutionen för kvinnors och barns hälsa Uppsala universitet Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet. Medicinska fakulteten. Institutionen för kvinnors och barns hälsa. (creator_code:org_t

Mobility, learning and interaction in the mobile preschool. Gustafson, Katarina (author) Uppsala universitet,Institutionen för pedagogik, didaktik och utbildningsstudier,CLIP/BUV van der Burgt, Danielle (author) Uppsala universitet,Institutionen för pedagogik, didaktik och utbildningsstudier,CLIP/BUV (creator_code:org_t) 2014 2014 English Project Title: Securing data objects for future Internet Acknowledgements: We would like to thank for the Mobility grant support (2015-2016) from Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF). Also, we would like to thank for the collaboration and support from Ericsson Research, Sweden. Background and Objectives Motorol mobility . 13/08/2019 . Blog. How do I survive cycling in Utrecht? By Nina van der Bent. 16/06/2019 . News. UUers to pay 2 to 3 euros a day to park in De Stricter rules for UU board expense claims after critical report by education inspection. 22/08/2017 . News. New. Children with myelomeningocele (MMC) usually have problems with daily life activities, but the background to their problems is not altogether obvious. An understanding of the possible causes of act.

My main research interests concern mobility and territorial belonging (or place attachment). In my dissertation work, I started out with a highly explorative interview study about what places mean to people, and was struck by how differently the relationship between place attachment and mobility was expressed in the interviewees' accounts Joint China-Sweden Mobility 2020. Energimyndigheten. Projektbidrag inom energiriktad grundforskning 2019. Projektbidrag inom energiriktad grundforskning 2017. Formas. Formas forsknings- och utvecklingsprojekt till forskare tidigt i karriären 2019. Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning

Pick your program here - http://athleanx.com/x/my-workouts Subscribe to this channel here - http://bit.ly/2b0coMW The best mobility and flexibility drills ar.. 4/21/2017 Bike Town - The future of mobility in Uppsala. Date: 21 April, 09:00 -18:00 Location: Blåsenhus, von Kraemers allé och Kollaboratoriet, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala Website Contact person: Håll Ut & Partner Maria in the Angolan countryside cannot get her produce to market. Gideon in Lagos had to let his recycling workers go. Dorothy in Lusaka has been called a fraudster by unhappy customers. And Fridah in Nairobi cannot complete her teaching degree

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Key Action 1 Mobility. Key Action 2 Cooperation. Key Action 3 Policy Support. Marie . Sklodowska. Curie Actions. European Research. Council. Credit Mobility. Degree Mobility. Strategic and Knowledge Alliances. 6.2bln EUR. 13bln EUR. 14.7bln EUR. 2 European Key Instruments. 1- Excellent science. €24.4 billion. 2- Industrial leadership. €17. This thesis aims to create a first draft of a value-driven business model describing a mobility service for areas outside cities, which uses self-driving vehicles. The methodology used to fulfil th. Mobility 4U, Vector. 27 likes · 1 talking about this. Providing quality, used Mobility Scooters at extremely good prices

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Mobility, racism and geopolitics Tesfahuney, M, (author) Uppsala universitet 1998 English 499-515s. In: POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY.- ELSEVIER SCI LTD. ; 17:5 . Other publication (other academic An example of a comprehensive, full body IKFF warm-up consisting of: -an aerobic warm up utilizing dynamic agility and change of direction movements -A joint..

nodes, Sensei-UU uses robots which carry out mobility patterns de ned by the experimenter. Our evaluation shows that our design supports repeatable experiments in various environments, even when the experiments involve mobile nodes. 1 Introduction WSN systems are deployed in a variety of environments, ranging from e.g. forests In this paper an analysis of residential mobility and sorting by income in Stockholm is carried out. The study contrasts two periods: one (1990-2001) characterised by recovery after the economic cr. Mobility and territorial belonging Gustafson, Per, (author) Uppsala universitet, Institutet för bostads- och urbanforskning (IBF) 2009 English. In: Environment and Behavior. - 0013-9165 .- 1552-390X. ; 41:4, s. 490-508 Related links

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